what is besc?

What is BESC Certificate?

BESC, an acronym for Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison (French for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note), is a compulsory document for cargo shipments in specific African countries. This document serves as a means of cargo tracking, offering essential details about the shipment such as its origin, destination, and transit specifics. The primary function of BESC is to streamline customs clearance and oversee the movement of goods, thereby ensuring adherence to import regulations.

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The necessity for BESC arises from the need to streamline cargo handling and enhance security measures. By tracking shipments effectively, It helps in reducing cargo theft, loss, and discrepancies. This system not only benefits customs authorities but also assures exporters and importers of safer and more regulated cargo transportation.

How to Get BESC Certificate in 6 Steps

  1. Gather Necessary Documents: Collect all pertinent documents for the shipment. This includes the bill of lading, commercial invoice, and packing list.
  2. Find a Certified Agency: Look for an agency authorized to issue certificates. This step is crucial for ensuring the legitimacy of the documentation.
  3. Submit Documents: Provide the chosen agency with the gathered documents. Ensure accuracy to avoid delays.
  4. Document Verification: The agency will verify the documents to ensure they meet the required standards and regulations.
  5. Payment of Fees: Upon successful verification, you will be required to pay the processing fee.
  6. Receive BESC Certificate: Once the payment is processed, the agency will issue the BESC certificate. This document is now ready to be used for customs clearance.

Ensure you verify any country-specific requirements that may differ.

What Does the BESC Certificate Look like?

Each country’s BESC certificate has its unique appearance, reflecting specific national requirements and regulations. From the layout and design elements to the language and information presented, a BESC issued by one country, like Benin, will differ noticeably from those of other countries. Below, you can find a sample BESC that was issued for Benin.
A Sample Benin BESC Certificate

Consequences of Not Having a BESC Certificate

Failing to obtain a BESC certificate can lead to significant consequences. Firstly, without this document, your shipment may face delays at the port of entry. Customs authorities strictly require a BESC for the clearance process, and its absence can stall the entire procedure. This delay not only affects your timeline but can also incur additional storage and demurrage charges.

Furthermore, not having a BESC can result in hefty fines. These fines are imposed by the customs authorities of the destination country and can vary in amount. They are often substantial and can significantly increase the overall cost of your shipment.

Lastly, repeated non-compliance with BESC requirements can lead to more severe repercussions. This might include the blacklisting of your company, affecting your ability to conduct future business in that country. It’s crucial to understand and adhere to these requirements to ensure smooth and cost-effective shipping operations.

Requirements by Country

Each country has its own specific set of requirements for BESC certification. These requirements can vary significantly, so it’s essential to be well-informed about the regulations of your destination country. Below, we will provide a comprehensive list of countries that need a BESC certificate.

  1. Algeria – ECTN
  2. Angola – CNCA / ARCCLA
  3. Benin – BESC
  4. Burkina Faso – ECTN/URN
  5. Burundi – ECTN
  6. Cameroon – BESC
  7. Central African Republic – ECTN
  8. Democratic Republic of Congo – COD Document
  9. Djibouti – ECTN
  10. Democratic Republic of Congo – FERI
  11. Egypt – ACID
  12. Equatorial Guinea – ECTN
  13. Gabon – BIETC
  14. The Gambia – CTN
  15. Ghana – ECTN/SPN
  16. Guinea Bissau – CEE
  17. Guinea Conakry – ECTN
  18. Ivory Coast – BSC
  19. Liberia – CTN
  20. Libya – ECTN
  21. Madagascar – BSC
  22. Mali – BSC
  23. Niger – BSC
  24. Nigeria – ICTN
  25. Chad – ECTN
  26. Republic of the Congo – ECTN
  27. Senegal – BSC
  28. Sierra Leone – BSC
  29. Somalia – ECTN
  30. South Sudan – ECTN
  31. Togo – ECTN

Finding the Right Agency

When searching for an agency to obtain your BESC certificate, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, verify the agency’s authorization to issue BESC certificates. An authorized agency ensures compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Additionally, look for agencies with a reputation for efficiency and reliability. Delays or errors in obtaining your BESC can lead to significant setbacks in your shipping schedule.

Experience and expertise in international shipping regulations are also critical. An experienced agency can navigate the complexities of different countries’ customs requirements with ease. They can provide valuable advice and support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

As experts in the field, we at GetCTN understand the importance of a hassle-free BESC acquisition process. Our team is dedicated to providing swift and accurate services, ensuring your cargo meets all necessary requirements. With our deep understanding of international shipping regulations and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to handle your BESC needs efficiently and effectively. Choose GetCTN for a seamless shipping experience.

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