Egypt ACID Number

ACID is a requirement for shipments to Egypt

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    What is ACID Number Egypt?

    Failing to present the Advanced Cargo Information Declaration document will lead to severe consequences and a hefty fine. The Egyptian Government requires ACID Advance Cargo Information Declaration to keep the country’s port safe and organized.

    The ACID became mandatory on 1 April 2021. All exporters are required to use the ACID to get approval.

    Procedure of Obtaining Egypt ACID Number

    The importer should input his shipment data & information using an e-token(digital identity to the importer) and then requests his ACID number.

    The Risk Management System controls all the information to prevent possible security issues.

    Via the Nafeza Portal, the importer receives the shipment ACID. Then, the ACID is automatically sent to the exporter, importer and bank. The validity of the ACID is three months from the issuance date.

    The importer should electronically send the shipment data and documents. Then Nafeza platform receives the documents.

    The importer verifies and approves all shipment data and documents which the importer sends.

    After the offloading of the shipment, the procedures of examining and inspecting the cargo are performed. Then the shipment leaves the customs port as a final part.

    Requirements for Egypt ACID

    The official sources announced the list of the required documents for Egypt ACID on 1 April 2021.

    • Bill of Lading: A draft copy can be used for the draft.
    • Commercial Invoice – Incoterm, reference, and the date have to be mentioned.
    • Packing List
    • Certificate of Origin
    Sample Egypt ACID Number
    A Sample Egypt ACID Certificate
    Regulations and Compliance for Egypt ACID
    • According to Egypt Customs regulations, all commercial sea cargo shipped to the country requires an ACID certificate.
    • Exporters sending goods to Egypt must have a verified account, which is mandatory before submitting the Egyptian ACI.
    • Per instructions from NAFEZA / Egypt customs, personal cargo to Egypt must go through freight forwarders (transport companies). A private person can not register to submit ACI filing.
    • Each Bill of Lading must be covered by at least one ACID, and its unique number needs to be inserted in the Original Bill of Lading and the Cargo Manifest.
    • The Egypt ACID certificate must be sent to Egypt Customs at the latest five days before the vessel arrives.
    • Cargo arriving without a valid ACID will result in a fine of an amount twice the ACID’s cost. Plus, the shipment will be blocked until the consignee does the necessary paperwork and pays the penalty levy and demurrage charges.
    Latest Updates and Information on Egypt ACID System
    • ACID (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration) for cargo to Egyptian ports according to the Customs Law 207/2020, please be informed that the Ministry of Finance issued a new Decree. (no. 38), indicating the shipment’s identity number (ACI number) for all cargo destined for Egypt becomes mandatory.
    • The ACID system has been implemented to make available to Egyptian Customs the shipment details before departure from the country of origin.
    • The code shall be requested from the receiver and notified to the shipper who’s obliged to report it on all documents covering the shipment, including BLs and cargo manifests.
    • The validity of the ACID is 3 months from its issue date.

    FAQs related to ACID Number Egypt

    What is Nafeza? Egypt's ACI Filing Platform

    Egypt’s Nafeza is a new customs facilitation system launched in 2021 to simplify and streamline customs procedures for traders and businesses, increase transparency in the import and export processes and reduce bureaucracy. It provides an online platform for submitting customs declarations, tracking shipment status, and paying fees electronically. The system integrates with other government agencies to reduce the time and costs associated with customs procedures, promoting trade and investment in Egypt.

    Do I need to set up an account on Nafeza?

    Yes, all exporters to Egypt must have an ACID account beforehand, otherwise, they will pay a penalty which is almost twice the ACID’s cost.

    How to send shipment documents to Nafeza for Egypt ACID?

    First, you need to gather all ACID-relevant documents, such as invoices and packing lists. Once you have these documents ready, send them to us via email or another preferred method of communication. We will then upload the documents to the Nafeza system on your behalf to make sure that the documents are accurate and complete, and that they are sent in a timely manner to ensure the shipment can be processed smoothly.

    Who should provide the ACID number?

    The ACID number has to be provided by the importer.