CTN Certificate for over
20 African countries.

Get your CTN or BSC for your Africa Shipments with us.

Get your CTN for countries like Angola  Benin Burkina Faso Cameroon  Dr. Congo Gabon  Guinea   Ivory Coast  Mali  Senegal Togo and more. For the rest 20+ of the countries please click here.

Issuing the ECTN is the responsibility of the exporter, shipper, or designated freight forwarder. Although the responsibility may be transferred to the importer through an agreement, the shipper could still encounter penalties, and their shipment might be rejected at the port.

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    We’ve provided the CTN certificate for over 20 countries to clients worldwide since 2005.

    We are Independent providers of the CTN

    We specialize solely in providing CTN certificates, not freight forwarding or trading.

    We offer CTN – BSC services

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