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FERI for Democratic Republic of Congo

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FERI is required for all shipments to DR Congo, Matadi, Boma, Banana or any other port.

FERI certificate is an official loading document that must be accompanied by every cargo shipment with DR Congo as the final destination.

The FERI requirement was implemented by DR Congo Customs officials in 2011, obliging all Exporters / Freight Forwarders to obtain this certificate for each shipment before they touch DR Congo ports.

Failing to present the FERI document at request will lead to severe consequences and a hefty fine.

We can provide this certification for your consignment Onlinewithin 24 hours if you submit the necessary documents listed below.

Notice: Looking for Brazzaville, Pointe Noire ECTN, CTN? You need to open this page: Republic of Congo ECTN

Important Notice: If your shipment is going DR Congo via Air or Road Freight within African continent i.e South Africa to D.R of Congo, you must obtain DR Congo FERI Certificate for your cargo.

It is the Exporter’s Responsibility and must not be relied upon the Importer resolving this at the Import Customs.

Since we are a global provider of FERI for a number of countries and in a way representing the valuable Exporters & Freight Forwarders, it is also our duty that you are informed about the latest ECTN announcements.

Be advised that you will not be able to clear your cargo without Validated FERI number. For more information please contact with your customer representatives from GetCTN.

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Democratic Republic of Congo FERI certificate is a mandatory document for all shipments with final destination to Matadi or any other Port. As of 11th April 2011, D.R. Congo implements Cargo Tracking Note called FERI by the law numbered No: 011/18. FERI (Fiche Electronique Renseignement a L’Importation)  allows D.R.Congo authorities to inspect the shipment traffic and contains all vital information about the cargo.

Before loading the cargo, the shipper or the forwarder is responsible to acquire the loading certificate number,  FERI waiver certificate from the authorized representative.

Democratic Republic of the Congo’s FERI certificate must be obtained for all types of shipments including seaborne, Road transport as well as Air-cargo.


FERI waiver for Dem. Rep. Congo FERI can be issued with the following documents:

  • Transport Document – Draft Bill of Lading, Air-Waybil or CMR copy can be used for the draft.
  • Commercial Invoice – Incoterm, reference, and the date have to be mentioned.
  • Freight Invoice – It has to be provided if the freight value is not mentioned on the commercial invoice.
  • FXI Number – You will get this from Importer (Not Mandatory)

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You do not need to worry about filling in FERI application form or register to any account when you apply for D.R. Congo waiver certificate with GetCTN. After you share the required documents, our certificate issuing team in Dubai, India, New York or Holland will issue your FERI number.


  • FERI certificate must be shown along with all the documentation of shipped cargo.
  • The goods cannot be cleared if valid FERI certificate is not provided.
  • Failing to get the D.R. Congo FERI may result a fine of up to 2500 US Dollars per incident, plus FERI issuance fees.
  • FERI certificate is required for shipments all methods of transportation e.g.: Sea, Road, Air

Note Application

  • Failing to submit the FERI certificate, cargo cannot be cleared and will be sent back to the origin.
  • Customs Declaration amendments are subject to a fine of 2500 USD per Bill of lading. This amount will be debited to the agency that requests the correction.
  • If you are using D.R. Congo ports for transit shipments, you are exempt from FERI requirement in certain cases. Similarly, if your shipment is on transit from another port heading to Angola as the final destination, then you only need to attain D.R. Congo FERI certificate as that is your final destination.Contact us now to obtain D.R. Congo FERI certificate Today, or to find out if it is necessary for your freight.
  • FERI certificate requirement for Road and Air-cargo is introduced recently. You may read here and there that you only need to apply for cargo travelling by sea, but this has changed.
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DRC Notice

Important Notice For Exporters and Freight Forwarders from DRC Authority

DRC Port Authority and Trade Commission maked a important notice for traders, exporters and freight forwarder companies. You can click the image and open the pdf, read carefully.

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Democratic Republic of Congo FERI FAQ Booklet

Full Action Plan of Democratic Republic of Congo FERI Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why validated FERI certificate is refused at destination customs2019-04-08T09:11:56+00:00

Q: I have received a validated FERI certificate, but the customs have refused to process our shipment with the same certificate and we needed to pay the penalty.

A: We have received many complaints from the shippers regarding their validated certificate not being accepted at the destination, which they got from other providers. The only reason for this being the authorities entailing new format of FERI certificate. GetCTN has commenced issuing the new FERI format from the very first date and there never was an issue at the destination.

Suggestion: If you found yourself in one of such situations where you had validated the certificate but had to pay penalty charge at the destination, you are entitled to a refund you paid to the agent for FERI certificate. Get the Consignee or Notify party who made the forfeit to provide you the proof of payment. Just submit the same to the agent and claim your refund.

If you are unclear if your format of FERI certificate can be validated or not, please use our free Consultation service to make sure if your FERI certificate is the right format.

I have a tea shipment to export to Matadi from India. Can I get the FERI for this cargo?2019-03-20T20:01:52+00:00

Yes. There is no restriction in terms of exporting tea into DR Congo. We can provide your FERI certificate if you have required documents 

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What is the different between FERI and ECTN certificate?2019-03-20T20:03:23+00:00

They are both same kinds of waiver certificate. Just different country authorities call it their own way. FERI is a certificate name given by DR Congo authorities for the waiver they require from each sea shipment

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Is it mandatory to mention ECTN / BSC numbers on Bill of Lading?2019-03-20T20:06:23+00:00

Unless specifically required by your shipping line, the ECTN / BSC number for the subject country doesn’t need to be mentioned on the BL copy.

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D.R. Congo FERI regulations2019-03-20T20:25:16+00:00

INSTRUCTIONS for Democratic Republic of  Congo FERI certificate are as follows: ● The FERI waiver certificate must be requested by the Charger BEFORE loading of cargo. ●Shippers or the forwarder agents have to submit FERI certificate 5 days before the vessel arrives to the territorial waters of Democratic Republic of Congo.

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● Failing to submit the FERI certificate, cargo cannot get custom clearance and returned  back to the origin ● If FERI is absent, to unload the container, the FERI issuance will be paid at the arrival, plus, a fine of %20 on the freight value. (409/021 – 23th March 1992) Click the link for more Information and to Apply for D.R. Congo FERI

What is FERI?2019-03-20T20:52:06+00:00

It is another name for a waiver document and stands for Fiche Électronique des Renseignements a l’Importation. This particular document is required for shipments that go to Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Exporting vehicles to DR Congo procedure 2017/072020-03-17T08:08:58+00:00

For all following vehicles that since 2012 had restrictions depending on the age of first registration, now 1st year of registration has been extended up to 20 years.

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Motor vehicles for personal use, which normal usage is the transport of person and goods.


Motor vehicles for the transport of people and/or goods of less than 10 places (seats).


Motor vehicles for the transport of people and/or goods of more than 10 places(seats).


Vehicles for the transport of people and/or goods of 3,5 T or more.


Vehicles for professional use with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes.

Regarding the following vehicles there is no restriction, therefore FERI issuance is always allowed:

Cycles / Mopeds/Motorbikes;

Trailer / semi-trailers / Light semi-trailers;

Vehicles on the rail;

Heavy equipment vehicles with double or more axis (eg. 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 …) with special equipment

Agricultural tractors;

Civil engineering equipment;

What is FXI number? Is it necessary for ECTN2020-03-17T08:04:54+00:00

FXI is a Unique number that you can find on the GICHE document. The FXI number is mandatory in order to apply for the Democratic Republic of Congo FERI certificate. If you are an exporter to D.R. Congo, you can ask your importer to apply for the GICHE document.

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Are the procedures differ between Rep. Congo and Dem. Rep. of Congo2019-03-21T06:46:19+00:00

Yes they are too different countries and their system are totally different.

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Necessary documents for Republic of Congo

Necessary documents for Dem. Republic of Congo

Dem. Republic of Congo FERI necessary documents2020-03-17T07:55:18+00:00

In order to issue the Dem. Rep. Congo FERI certificate, we need you to forward the following documents:

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Note: You are only obliged to obtain a FERI certificate to D.R. Congo if it is your final destination. If you are using Matadi for transit shipments, you are exempt from the FERI waiver in certain cases.

For more FAQs about our company and general questions about CTN and Waivers click here.