CNCA / ARCCLA is a mandatory document for all ports in Angola

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    What is CNCA?

    CNCA is a mandatory loading certificate for all sea shipments to Angola ports. It is required for Luanda, Lobito or any other port. You might also know it as ARC Number and CNC. CNCA Loading certificate (LC), introduced as a regulation in 1994 by the Angola Customs Officials, has been commissioned by ARCCLA – Agencia Reguladora de Certificação de Cargas e Logistica de Angola. Failing to present the CNCA document will lead to severe consequences and a hefty fine.

    CNCA principles ARCCLA has reshuffled the representatives assigned to various regions. If you can’t get hold of the agent, this might be because they cannot issue your certificate anymore. Contact us for more guidance and learn how to move forward with the new CNCA application.


    According to this law, every cargo purchased from abroad and transported for commercial, business, in some cases, diplomatic and personal purposes require a Loading Certificate called CNCA – Conselho Nacional de Carregadores de Angola.

    The shipper or the freight forwarder is responsible for acquiring the CNCA waiver certificate from the authorized representative.

    • Bill of Lading – A draft copy can be used for the draft.
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Freight Invoice – It is necessary if the freight cost isn’t on the commercial invoice.
    • Documento Unico ( Import License)
    Sample Angola CNCA/ARCCLA Certificate
    A Sample Angola CNCA / ARCCLA Certificate
    • According to Angola Customs regulations, all cargo to Angola must be accompanied by a CNCA certificate.
    • The CNCA certificate must be validated five days before the vessel arrives at the latest.
    • The cargo can’t be cleared if the hard copy of the valid CNCA certificate is not provided at the destination port.
    • Shipments that arrive without CNCA or with false information on the CNCA get charged twice the certificate cost plus the regulation charge determined by the Angola National Port Officials.
    Important Regulations for Vehicles in Angola: ANTT Authorization Requirements

    According to the Angolan Government laws and regulations, all importers should provide a vehicle authorization letter which is issued by ANTT (Agencia Nacional dos Transportes Terrestres) in Angola. The regulation is effective for both new and used vehicles – Light vehicles not exceeding 5 years and Heavy vehicles not exceeding 8 years.

    FAQs related to Angola CNCA Certificate

    What is the difference between ARCCLA Certificate and CNCA Certificate?

    Basically, it is the same document with different names.

    What is CNCA?

    CNCA certificate (Conselho Nacional de Carregadores) is a Loading Certificate (LC) which is a compulsory document for all commercial shipments to Angola since 28/01/1994 (Decree no. 19/94).

    What is DU / Documento Unico / Import License for Angola?

    The D.U. document or Documento Unico, is an Import Licence in Angola. A DU document is compulsory for all CNCA applications from 10/02/2015. A DU document must be valid regarding the Expiry date on field 25e. This document’s expiry date is 60 days from the date of DU issuance.

    However, the Documento Unico or the Import Licence is exempt if a shipment will be cleared, at the destination, under a Temporary Regime. Another instance where the DU document is not an obligation is when the total FOB value is below 5000 USD.

    In a Temporary shipment, the exporter must submit a letter confirming the cargo is on the temporary expedition. In this expedition, a unique format of the DU number will be entered on the validated CNCA certificate.

    A sample of the DU document with an arrow pointing and saying 'This date must be a valid date.'

    A sample of the DU document

    Do I need the DU for my temporary shipment to Angola?

    DU document is not required for Temporary cargo to Angola, but it must be specified as a Temporary Shipment in the invoice or BL.

    Can the consignee release the shipment in Angola without an original hard copy of CNCA?

    Angola is the only country whose authorities require the importer to provide the original hard copy CNCA certificate before releasing the cargo. Every other country that mandates inbound shipments to accompany waiver certificates only requires a copy of the certificate. However, if you don’t send the original certificate to the importer in Angola, they can not clear the goods.

    Can I use the same CNCA/ARCCLA number for various shipments?

    No, CNCA/ARCCLA is unique and reserved only for one shipment. Every shipment must have a validated CNCA/ARCCLA number.

    Is it mandatory to mention the CNCA number on the Bill of Lading?

    No. The CNCA certificate number does not have to be mentioned on the bill of lading.

    Do I have to present the original hard copy of CNCA at the destination customs?

    Yes. Angola is the only country whose authorities require the Importer to provide the original hard copy of the CNCA certificate before they can release the cargo.

    Can I make amendments to a validated Angola CNCA waiver document?

    It depends on the country from which it was loaded. In certain cases, we can amend the certificate if the printout is not given to the courier.

    Is it allowed to import to Angola a tractor that is manufactured in 1988?

    Yes. The Angolan authorities have no age restrictions on vehicles that can be imported into the country.

    Am I allowed to export a tractor that was manufactured in 1988 to Angola?

    Yes. Angola authorities do not have a restriction on the age of heavy-duty vehicles that can be shipped into the country.

    General FAQs

    What is GetCTN?

    GetCTN is an independent consulting firm that helps clients obtain CTN certificates in many African countries. It is an international company with offices in the USA, UK, and UAE, and its sole business is CTN certification; it is not a freight forwarder, importer, or exporter.

    How do you ship the hard copy of the certificate?

    The hard copy of the certificate isn’t necessary at all. Instead, the whole process is completed online.

    What is a Bill of Lading

    A bill of lading (BL or BoL) is a legal document issued by a carrier to a shipper that details the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being carried.

    What is Commercial Invoice?

    A commercial invoice is a required document for the export and import clearance process. It is sometimes used for foreign exchange purposes. In the buyer’s country, it is the document their customs officials use to assess import duties and taxes.