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ENS certificate is an official loading document that must be accompanied by every cargo shipment with Sierra Leone as the final destination. The ENS requirement was implemented by Sierra Customs officials in 2000, obliging all Exporters / Freight Forwarders to obtain this certificate for each shipment before they touch Sierra Leone shores. Failing to present valid ENS document at request will lead to severe consequences and a hefty fine. We can provide this certification Onlinewithin 24 hours if you submit the necessary documents listed below.

Note that, your Valid BSC Number will have 6 digits and 5 characters, We provide FREE Certificate Validation.

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According to Sierra Leone regulationsall sea cargo shipped to Sierra Leone requires an ENS certificate. The ENS certificate is also called BSC certificate or electronic CTN.

The Sierra Leone ENS must be requested by the exporter or his deputy (freight forwarder). GETCTN is the fastest agency of Sierra Leone Customs acting to assist exporters obtaining ENS certificate.

The aim of the ENS is to contribute to the substantial reduction of risk, real-time monitoring and reliable assessments of import goods, their shippers, importers, and other details. Apply now to get your ENS certificate Today.


ENS waiver for Sierra Leone can be issued with the following documents:

  • Bill of Lading – a Draft copy can be used for the draft.
  • Commercial Invoice – Incoterm, reference, and the date have to be mentioned.
  • Freight Invoice – It has to be provided if the freight value is not mentioned on the commercial invoice

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You do not need to worry about filling in ENS application form or register to any account when you apply for Sierra Leone waiver certificate with GetCTN. After you share the required documents, our certificate issuing team in Dubai, India, New York or the Netherlands will issue your ENS number for your Freetown bound consignment.


  • According to Sierra Customs regulations, the authorized person must apply for the certificate cargo from the assigned agent.
  • The authorized person must validate the ENS at the latest  5 days before the vessel arrives at the destination.
  • Shipment arriving without ENS or false information in the ENS results in a fine of an amount that is twice of the cost of the ENS, plus the regulation charge determined by Sierra Leone National Port officials.

We encourage you to apply for your waiver certificate as soon as possible! To get your ENS for Sierra Leone online, please submit your request by clicking the below button.

Questions and Answers:

  • How quickly can you process the certificate?
    • Just provide the required documents to us then make the payment with using the credit card so we can issue the final certificate within 3-4 hours.
  • Is it mandatory to have the CTN prior to loading at POL or can it be obtained when the vessel is at sea?
    • Yes, you need to get the CTN number before the sailing date of shipment
  • If the consignee is able to generate an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) on the basis of the Draft B/L shared with him – in that case, is the ECTN STILL REQUIRED?
    • The CTN/BSC is required for each shipment to Sierra Leone, you need to get the BSC/CTN number instead of ESN number.

Note Application

The Sierra Leone ENS certificate is mandatory for each of the following:

  • Per BL for containers (Maximum 10 Teus per BSC i.e. 10 x 20′ container or 5 x 40′ container)
  • Each vehicle by RORO (wheeled)
  • Per BL for the break bulk. ( Max 300 tonnes per BSC)

If you are using Sierra Leone for transit purposes, you are exempt from ENS in certain cases. Contact us to obtain Sierra Leone ENS certificate Today, inquire the ENS fees or find out if ENS is necessary for your export shipment. You may also contact us for your ENS Sierra Leone via contact number given on the Contact us page or via the quick form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply correction to a validated Sierra Leone waiver document?2019-03-20T19:44:38+00:00

No, Unfortunately, once validated, the Sierra Leone ENS certificate to Freetown cannot be revised in any way.

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Is it mandatory to mention ECTN / BSC numbers on Bill of Lading?2019-03-20T20:06:23+00:00

Unless specifically required by your shipping line, the ECTN / BSC number for the subject country doesn’t need to be mentioned on the BL copy.

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What is BSC?2019-03-20T20:54:33+00:00

BSC is another name for a waiver document and it stands for Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison. This particular document is required for shipments that go to Mali, Sierra Leone NigerSenegal, Madagascar and Ivory Coast.

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Sierra Leone ENS ISPS REPORT NUMBER2019-03-20T20:59:45+00:00

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Above is the Sierra Leone CTN document. Its number is always written at top and is always 12 digit. Sometime document name can be like ctn12312412.pdf but that is not valid. Please always consider the 12 digit number written on the actual document.

If you need to get this BSC document please contact us.

Sierra Leone BSC necessary documents2020-03-17T08:03:15+00:00

In order to issue the Sierra Leone BSC certificate, we need you to forward the following documents:

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Note: You are only obliged to obtain a BSC certificate to Sierra Leone if it is your final destination. If you are using Sierra Leone port for transit shipments you are exempt from BSC waiver in certain cases.

For more FAQs about our company and general questions about CTN and Waivers click here.