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If you’re planning to ship goods to Africa, it’s important to obtain a waiver certificate. Depending on the country, this certificate may be known as an ECTN, CTN, BSC, BESC, or CNCA document. To learn more about the specific regulations for each country, simply click on the country name.

In addition, some national ports require pre-registration of shipments, which was previously known as a “waiver destination”. Nowadays, this process is referred to as the Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons (BSC) or Cargo Tracking Note (CTN).

ECTN: Electronic Cargo Tracking Note, also known in French as BESC: Bordereau électronique de Suivi de Cargaison

What is a Waiver Certificate?

As an exporter or freight forwarder, it’s your responsibility to provide a waiver certificate – also known as a loading certificate or loading document – when shipping goods to certain African countries. This document is created by compiling data from the bill of lading, invoice, and export declaration, and is submitted to the relevant government databases.

The waiver certificate, which can also be called an ECTN, contains information about the involved parties, the value, and description of the goods, shipping information, and other relevant details. By providing this information, the certificate enables Customs Authorities to efficiently observe, control, and manage import traffic.

Which Other Documents Are Used as Waivers for Cargo?

The waiver certificate is a mandatory requirement for shipping to many African countries, particularly in West Africa, as well as some North and Central African countries. It is also known by several other names, including CTN, BSC, BESC, ENS, CNCA (ARC), BIETC (BIC), CEE, FERI (AIR-FERI), and ECTN.

Whether you’re shipping by sea, air, or road, and regardless of the type of shipment – whether it’s bulk, breakbulk, Ro/Ro, container, groupage, general cargo, or even diplomatic cargo – you must obtain a waiver certificate.

This requirement is one of the most consistent and impartial regulations in the African continent. Failing to present the loading document will lead to severe consequences and a hefty fine.

How to Obtain a Waiver Certificate for West African Shipments?

At GetCTN, we make it our priority to ensure that obtaining a waiver certificate for your shipment is a hassle-free experience. All you need to do is send us the necessary documents in PDF format via email and our skilled team will take care of the rest.

Typically, we require the *Bill of Lading, *Commercial Invoice, and *Freight Invoice, but the specific documents may vary depending on the final destination country.

If you have any questions about the process, required documents, or our fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always here to provide you with the information and support you need.

Contact us for more on Waiver Services for Africa. You can find all of our contact information for GetCTN, just reach our contact page to see them and Get Free Consultation.

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