What is Cargo Tracking Note?

Cargo Tracking Note or CTN is an official loading certificate number of African countries require. CTN certificate contains detailed information on cargo and its movement between ports. CTN certificate must accompany any shipment to the required country before the cargo arrives at the port.  To clear customs at the border, CTN certificates enable authorities to supervise and control import traffic.

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Many Countries in the African continent require exporters to notify Custom Authorities about the shipment details before they arrive. CTN certificates, also known as waiver documents, enable Marine Custom Authorities to access information about exporter/importer, shipping route and methods,  type and value of the cargo, the value of the freight as well as the details about commodity being carried. It is very important exporter submits the CTN certificates before the cargo arrives at its final destination.

Every country which requires a CTN has its own requirements. The above links provide you regulations of each country. The whole process of obtaining CTN certificate is completed online. Once you attain all the required documents, you can simply email them to [email protected]. The draft CTN document is prepared accordingly and sent for your revise and confirmation. After you give us green light on the draft CTN and clear the payment, validated CTN certificate will be sent to notify Authorities. Furthermore, we will send you a copy of the CTN certificate for your information. The whole of the process roughly takes 5 working days.