If you look up the meaning of a waiver online or from any dictionary, you will realize that This sounds intimidating for a business person especially if this businessperson came across with the term “waiver” for their shipments to Africa as an exporter/importer or the freight forwarder.

You may ask What is Waiver Certificate? We already prepared the answer for this question. You can check clicking here.

The waiver that you are responsible to provide as an exporter/importer or freight forwarder, is totally different than the waiver document.

I have mentioned before. The waiver certificate for Africa is just a loading document which helps you to clear your cargo easily and overcome all the time consuming, boring customs enforcements smoothly.

The waiver for the shipping industry includes all the information of the involved parties, the values/ description and the volume of the goods, shipping information and other relevant information.

It helps the Customs Authorities to observe, control and manage the import traffic effortlessly.

Which are Documents Using as Waiver for Cargoes?

The waiver which has also many other names like CTN, BSC, BESC, ENS, CNCA (ARC), BIETC (BIC), CEE, FERI (AIR-FERI), ECTN is mandatory mainly for the West African countries and also for some Central African Countries.

Regardless of the type of shipment, mostly sea shipments but also air and road shipments for some countries, you need to get the waiver certificate.

Bulk, Breakbulk, Ro/Ro, Container, Groupage, General Cargo and even the Diplomatic Cargoes. In this regard, it is one of the most egalitarian enforcement in the continent.

How to Obtain Waiver Certificate for West African Shipments?

We, as GetCTN team, assure you that obtaining the waiver certificate for your shipment will be the easiest thing you do among all the shipping procedure.The only thing you need to do is providing the required documents to us via email.

Mostly these documents are the Bill of Lading, The Commercial Invoice and the Freight Invoice. Though, these documents may change depending on the final destination country.

For your further questions about the procedure, the list of the required document and our tariff, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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