Q: What is a Waiver certificate?

A: If you have a shipment to countries in Central/West Africa, then Waiver definition would be distinctly different than the one given on the Wikipedia page. A waiver certificate, in the shipping industry, is a loading document. Every shipper or freight forwarder must apply for waiver certificate before the shipment berth the destination port. The waiver is a certified document that contains the full details of the involved parties, shipping information, the goods exported and the relevant values. The waiver is also used in parallel to terms such as CTN, BSC, BESC, BIETC, ECTN, CNCA.

Q: What types of cargo need to create a Waiver?

A: There are several types of cargo that we can create a waiver certificate for. These would be Bulk, Breakbulk, Ro/Ro, Container, Groupage, and General Cargo. Basically, all types of sea shipments, as well as air and road shipments to certain destinations must acquire a waiver certificate before arrival. Please, contact us if you have a more specific kind of shipment that is not mentioned above.

Q: How to obtain a Waiver certificate?

A: The easiest way to apply for waiver certificate is by submitting the documents to us via e-mail [email protected] Please check the list of required documents for each individual destination countries from the above menu ‘CTN Countries’

Q: Can I apply correction on the validated Waiver?

A: In certain cases, you can amend the Validated waiver. While in other instances there may be an additional charge for correction. It depends on the destination country policy, certain countries even don’t accept any form of correction on the validated CTN certificate. Therefore, our advice is always to check the waiver draft thoroughly, so there is no room for error.