Q: What is a FDI?

A: FDI is the short term for Fiche de Decleration a l’importation. In English, it means the Import Declaration Form. All shipments to Ivory Coast must get an FDI certificate.

Q: Where do I get the FDI document?

A: FDI document can be applied by the Consignee from the Ivory coast Customs office.

Q: Can I get one FDI and use it for multiple purposes?

A: The FDI document is issued for each shipment/Bill of Lading separately. The FDI will contain shipment details such as weight, value, shipment term, loading and arrival port names which must match the pertaining shipment documents.

You can find other documents that are necessary to apply for Ivory Coast BSC. Below is the FDI certificate sample copy
A Sample of an FDI document
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