South Sudan ECTN Regulation

Regulations of Cargo Tracking Note

As mandated by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce of the Republic of South Sudan, all shipments imported to or exported from the Republic of South Sudan must have a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN). Thus, the South Sudan ECTN Certificate is now mandatory.

The official ECTN communication to notify all concerned authorities, shippers and different transporting companies that facilitate conveyance of detailed information on ECTN certificate was published by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

Carriers, who are obliged to get valid CTN numbers from shippers before loading, have been requested to enforce this fully from the 1st of April 2019.

South Sudan ECTN Certificate

“Consequently, for all your shipments expected to load on or after the 1st of April 2019, you are expected to update the CTN number on the shipping instructions before we can load them”, Shipping Lines said.

GetCTN is fully committed to issuing out ECTN for all shipments heading to South Sudan. To obtain the CTN/ECTN number for your shipment to South Sudan please contact with our team through email- [email protected] or live chat at

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