Republic of Congo Electronic Cargo Tracking Number

Congo ECTN Mechanism Detailed Explanation

This new mechanism of subscription to the electronic cargo tracking note ECTN is binding on our country, which is a transit country


The actors take ownership of the new online subscription mechanism.

The Congolese Shippers’ Council organized a campaign from 4th to 5th July in Dolisie, capital of the Niari department, to spread the electronic waybill for monitoring export cargo.The digital document aims to identify the flow of goods; control of transportation costs; improving safety and traceability of trade and traffic.

It also helps to perpetuate knowledge to be more and more professional.

Republic of Congo ECTN Mechanism The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note is shared by all boards of African shippers but is still manual despite technological advances in communication and information.

To fill this gap and comply with the requirements of the World Trade Organization, the Congolese Council of shippers requested this new system in order to dematerialize this failure.

Placed under the auspices of the prefect of Niari, Frederick Baron Bozok, this campaign was intended for shipowners, exporters, importers, freight forwarders, customs agents, charterers, commercial service agents, carriers, economic co-operators as well as shippers.

Explaining the underwriting procedure, it is necessary to have his credit card or a bank transfer, an electronic account that can be credited at will. A notification (mail and SMS) is sent to each transaction. The shipper can also credit his account from an approved point.

Many benefits are related to the ECTN Regulation:

  • The speed, the timely underwriting, and no cargo can be exported without this document required for any mode of transportation.
  • He also provides all cargo information and his presence removes printed matter, he continued.
  •  This paradigm is an innovation that fits into the government’s policy by advocating serenity in the processing of information, in commercial operations and the real-time control of the statistical flow for export.

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