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  • Port, Containers, Container Ships and a text saying 'What is Waiver Service for Africa?'

What is Waiver Service for Africa?


If you are shipping to Africa you must get a waiver certificate which also called as ECTN, CTN, BSC, BESC or CNCA documents. You may go directly related countries regulation page by clicking the name of the country. Some national ports are subject to pre-registration ...

What is Waiver Service for Africa?2022-09-09T17:36:45+03:00
  • Plane, containers and a forklift with a text saying 'GetCTN Explains What is the difference between Waiver & Cargo Tracking Note'

Difference Between the Waiver and the Cargo Tracking Note


GetCTN Explains;If you are an Exporter, Freight Forwarder or Importer who works in West African Countries, you are already familiar with the words such as Waiver and Cargo Tracking Note. This article is to inform you what is the difference between ...

Difference Between the Waiver and the Cargo Tracking Note2021-01-26T12:11:57+03:00
  • A truck and a city side by side with a text saying 'CTN Certificate Agents World Wide'

CTN Certificate Agents on World Wide


CTN Certificate Agents on Your Country The recent months we got our customers to request about CTN Certificate Agents in their Country and how they reach the Agencies in their location. We prepared the giant documentation about the Cargo Tracking Note Agencies on World ...

CTN Certificate Agents on World Wide2020-11-11T14:14:03+03:00
  • West African map with 'Benin' highlighted

Announcement By National Shippers Council Of Benin (CNCB) BESC Notice


BESC Notice Benin We would like to bring to the attention of all; Exporters İmporters Carriers Consignees Freight forwarders Cargo handlers And all other readers of whom have and likely to use the Port of Cotonou to discharge or for ...

Announcement By National Shippers Council Of Benin (CNCB) BESC Notice2020-11-17T16:26:17+03:00

Republic of Congo ECTN Mechanism Detailed Explanation


Republic of Congo Electronic Cargo Tracking Number Congo ECTN Mechanism Detailed Explanation This new mechanism of subscription to the electronic cargo tracking note ECTN is binding on our country, which is a transit country. TRADE The actors take ownership of ...

Republic of Congo ECTN Mechanism Detailed Explanation2021-01-26T12:14:57+03:00
  • Port of Ghana with a text saying 'All Round Guide to Ghana Shipment'

All Round Guide to Ghana Shipment


This article is an outcome of accumulated, through desk research we have conducted following numerous appeals from followers. Whether you are Business Trader looking for new opportunities or a Freight Forwarder keen to learn, we hope this read will be worthwhile ...

All Round Guide to Ghana Shipment2021-03-18T18:37:57+03:00

Chad ECTN Procedure


Chad Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) Regulation As per the Decree issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Chad, dated 18th January 2013; Demand that an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) must be obtained for all shipments to Chad so ...

Chad ECTN Procedure2020-11-11T15:04:41+03:00
  • Sample of the CTN document for Nigeria

Nigeria CTN Requirements


The CTN Document is being set up in Nigeria The long wait is over. As per the latest news coming out of Nigeria government agency. The Federal Government has just advocated setting up the loading certification system called Cargo Tracking ...

Nigeria CTN Requirements2020-11-11T15:08:33+03:00
  • Port of Tema in Ghana with a container ship and heavy machinery

Ghana | Cargo Tracking Note: All You Need to Know


How Long has it been since Ghana put the Cargo Tracking Note into practice? Notice: This post is about Cargo Tracking Note for Ghana information and details. Ghana is one of the most popular countries of West African countries and ...

Ghana | Cargo Tracking Note: All You Need to Know2020-11-11T15:29:03+03:00

Angola CNCA Certificate Providing Process


Conselho Nacional de Carregadores is a customs clearance document that is obligatory in Angola. CNCA is the certificate of absolutely vital importance for this country’s shipments operations. Easy way to understand this obligation is to look at it as a visa for your cargoes to ...

Angola CNCA Certificate Providing Process2020-11-11T15:34:36+03:00