ECTN Reference Number on Bill of Lading

The Ministry of Transport, Urban Mobility, and Road Safety in Burkina Faso have taken a step towards improving the country’s customs clearance process by announcing a new requirement for all goods shipments entering the country. Effective April 20, 2023, the ministry has mandated that the ECTN Unique Reference Number (URN) must be included on the bill of lading for all shipments bound for Burkina Faso.

The ECTN requirement, implemented in accordance with article 02 of the Regulation N◦2009_0012_/MT/MEF since the 15th of September 2009, serves as a unique identifier for a shipment of goods entering a country. It is used to track the shipment as it moves through customs and ensures that correct taxes and fees are paid before the goods are released. By requiring the inclusion of the ECTN Number on the bill of lading, the ministry aims to improve the efficiency of the customs clearance process and prevent any possible adversity.

The new requirement applies to all parties involved in the shipping process, including shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders. It is essential that all parties comply with this new regulation to avoid any delays or issues with their shipments at the port of entry.

The ministry’s decision to require the Burkina Faso URN on the bill of lading for all shipments aligns with international shipping standards. Several countries have already implemented this requirement as a way to improve customs clearance and ensure the smooth flow of goods across borders.

The announcement of this new requirement demonstrates the ministry’s commitment to enhancing the country’s trade and economic development. The streamlined customs clearance process will lead to a more efficient supply chain, which can reduce transportation costs and time for both importers and exporters.

English Translation of Notice regarding the obligation to mention the ECTN on the Bill of Lading.

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