New Acid Certificate Implemented In Egypt

What is ACID?

The Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) is a new customs system implemented by the Egyptian authorities. It’s a new certificate or waiver that allows the officials to have more control over the cargo before it arrives at the port.

According to the new Egyptian customs law #207, the Advanced Cargo Information Declaration is becoming mandatory for all import shipments in Egypt. 

This new certificate requires cargo data and documents (Bill of lading and commercial invoice) at least 48 hours before the cargo departure from the country of origin.

It’s the same document as ACI, CTN, BSC, FERI, and other acronyms used in different African countries.

The new system has several advantages:

  • It allows the Egyptian authorities to know every detail of the cargo before it ships, giving them control to manage any risk or inconvenience. 
  • It reduces the port agents’ costs, as well as the release time since if the documents are correct the cargo is cleared quickly. 
  • It provides a real-time follow-up of the transaction

The system has been given a grace period of 3 months, until the 30th of June, so they can check that everything is working correctly. 

After this trial, it will become mandatory for all shipments sent to any port in Egypt. Exporters who fail to present this certificate will not be able to clear the cargo from customs, facing fines and delays in their shipment. Contact our expert team today!

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