CTN Certificate Agents on Your Country

The recent months we got our customers to request about CTN Certificate Agents in their Country and how they reach the Agencies in their location.

We prepared the giant documentation about the Cargo Tracking Note Agencies on World Wide.

In this case, firstly you must understand

What is Cargo Tracking Note (CTN)?

  • Cargo Tracking Note or simply CTN document is an official loading document a number of African countries require.
  • The CTN certificate contains detailed information of your cargo and its movement between ports as well as the transit period.
  • The CTN certificate must accompany any shipment to the country demanding CTN before the cargo arrives at the port.
  • To ready your goods for clearance through customs, CTN certificates enable destination port authorities to have all necessary information before shipments arrive.

Which countries are getting services from our website?

  • Indonesia CTN Certificate
  • Vietnam Cargo Tracking Note
  • China ECTN Certificate
  • Pakistan CTN Waiver
  • CTN Certificate South Africa
  • Kenya ECTN
  • Belgium Cargo Tracking Note Waiver
  • Netherlands CTN Certificate
  • Germany ECTN Waiver
  • France Cargo Tracking Note
  • Bulgaria Loading Certificate
  • Russia Cargo Tracking Note Certificate
  • Norway BSC Certificate
  • Singapore Cargo Tracking Waiver
  • MENA Area Cargo Tracking Note Service
  • Europe Cargo Tracking Note Service and Certificates

You may concern about our branches, you must read our article about Why we don’t have local ctn office?

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