Why we don’t have a local CTN providing office?

We don’t have a local office because in order to reduce costs to a lesser extent and to provide you with a better quality service, we follow the centralized service policy. The reason for this centralization is to protect your personal as well as cargo-related data. Offices in a number of locations would mean your details are funneled through numerous communication channels till your CTN certificate is finally confirmed by the management at the higher rank, then validated by the authorities of import country.

In terms of cost, as an International Trader or a Freight Forwarder, you are well aware that your operational expenses are ultimately levied at your clients. Every office we open in each country would add an additional operational cost, which would lead to a higher certificate cost. To keep the cost of waiver certificates as low as possible we operate from our only offices in the USA, Netherlands, India, and UAE.

The locations were not randomly selected. Having offices in these locations enable us to assist with your CTN related queries precisely 24/7.

Moreover, the local offices in any other destinations are needless. A local office in each individual country is costly, and for us, it is also unnecessary. At GetCTN.com, we set up our business in a way it allows us to assist with your relevant waiver certificate no matter where your business is located. If you have experienced our service you know this already that the entire ECTN process is completed online.

There is no need for physical contact at no stage of the certification process. We don’t have a physical office in Turkey, but we have a dedicated team looking after applications solely from. This allows us to deliver 24/7 support, keep the ECTN cost low, and offer you the safest and the quickest waiver certificates for your shipments