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Chad Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) Regulation

As per the Decree issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Chad, dated 18th January 2013;

Demand that an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTNmust be obtained for all shipments to Chad so dominated Chad ECTN Procedure/Regulation.

All stakeholders, especially Importers, Exporters and Carriers are reminded to comply with the regulations.

The Customs Officers at the discharging ports will inspect each and every shipment on the presence of a corresponding ECTN.

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Does Chad Require ECTN?

Remember, Shipments without an ECTN/BSC;

Will result in significant delays that will entail demurrage levy and fines, seizures.

Fines amounting 100% of the value of goods will be implied to the Carriers for not the following proper regulations.

Therefore, Shippers/Exporters/Forwarders at the various countries, around the World.

All they are required to obtain a validated ECTN number using the online platform and submit the required shipping documents.

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Announcement for the ECTN Number from Chad officals
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