Algeria Trade Notes for Importers, Forwarders and Exporters

Algeria Analysis

The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is the largest country in Africa. It has one of the best economies on the continent, based basically on energy exports. Following the countless questions from our customers, we are going to do a complete analysis of the country’s economy and trade market.

Algeria has enormous possibilities to boost its economic growth, including huge foreign-exchange reserves derived from oil and gas, its main exported products.

Data Analysis of Algeria

Algeria is the country number 61 in total exports in the world and the 4th best economy in Africa. Its economy is mainly based on oil and gas, being one of the largest providers of these products to European countries. In the graphic below we can observe how the exports market has grown way above the median in Africa and the Middle East. 

The country has been growing unstoppably since the ’70s, being better than most of its neighboring countries and developing a strong economy. If we check out what are they exporting and where to, we find the following:

Top exported goods

  • Crude petroleum (41.7%)
  • Petroleum gas (32.7%)
  • Refined petroleum (18.9%)
  • Fertilizers (0.929%)
  • Sugars and sugar confectionery (0.648%)
  • Organic chemicals (0.159%)

Top export destinations

  • Italy – 15.9% 
  • France – 12.5% 
  • Spain – 11.6%
  • USA – 9.85% 
  • Brazil – 6.04% 
  • Netherlands – 5.4%
  • Turkey – 5.22% 
  • United Kingdom – 4.56%
  • Portugal – 2.71% 
  • Belgium – 2.61%

Many countries in Europe like Spain, depend exclusively on Algeria for the gas supply. 


Algeria requires several documents and certificates to let any cargo inside the country. The main required documents are the following:

The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is a mandatory waiver that you must present on arrival to Algeria. You will be able to clear out the cargo from the customs border after the officials check the documentation and approve it. 

According to the regulations of this certificate, it must be validated at least 5 days before the cargo arrives at the port, so be aware of that. We have been contacted by countless exporters who didn’t know about this waiver and had to pay extra money for it,  including a fine and delays in the shipment. If you need more information please contact us, we will help you get this certificate in less than 48 hours. We have over 15 years of experience in this sector, and we provide over 500 certificates per month to exporters and importers from all around the world. If you need more references just check out our client’s opinions on Google or Facebook.

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