Major Shipping Lines Have Warned

Against Shipment Without Senegal BESC Requirement.

Following the order from Senegal Marine Customs Authorities, Shipping Lines have issued a formal warning to shippers planning the cargo without BESC certificate.

Shipping line associations announce that liners such as CMA CGM, Maersk, ONE have implemented a strict CTN policy from 01/03/2019.

Although the BESC requirement also known as BSC certificate, Was first implemented back in 2008.

Shipping lines were lenient in their inspection for the availability of the certificate for each shipment before they loaded containers.

Their reluctance led to many exporters receiving thousands of Dollars in penalties and storage charges once goods unloaded in Senegal.

However, after the latest notice, the shipping lines have barred loading containers without validated BSC, BESC certificate.

Cargo Tracking Note must cover each commodity item on Cargo Manifest in each BL.

Transit shipments via Senegal are not applicable to the BESC regulation.Customer Senegal BESC compliance is a MUST, otherwise, it will result in the consignment being denied to boarding. All BESC charges and the related cost are under Shipper’s responsibility.

If you have further questions about this announcement, or about CTN certificate in general, do not hesitate to reach us.

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