Nigeria CTN Requirements

The CTN Document is being set up in Nigeria

The long wait is over. As per the latest news coming out of Nigeria government agency. The Federal Government has just advocated setting up the loading certification system called Cargo Tracking Note (CTN).

You can read more about the Cargo Tracking Note certificate if you are not familiar with the term.

The system which is already in practice in more than 27 countries in Africa, was requested by the Nigerian Shippers Council and is expected to be put in place by the end of three quarters of 2019.

What is the Purpose of a CTN certificate?

Firstly, security:

The general purpose of the Nigeria CTN is to contribute to the risk reduction of unlawful goods, reliable auditing of import goods, and all parties involved in the transport chain.

Being able to deny the importation of commodities whilst they are still in the country of origin serves as a greater assurance for the country’s well-being and in the government’s fight against counterfeit products.

Secondly, Port Management:

According to representatives of Ports that have already got CTN certificates put in place, the Advance Declaration system is also widely regarded to benefit them in managing port traffic.

Although Nigeria has an 853 km long coastline, most ports are in inadequate condition.

The ports that are in poor condition are the ones to benefit the most from this new requirement.

Because it provides real-time monitoring of the inbound and outbound flow of vessels and allows enough time for port managers to allocate necessary space for docking and equipment for unloading.

Thirdly, Under-Declaration of Goods

The most important basis of the argument of the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note supporters is to fight against those who are concealing the true value of goods.

It was reported that up to 80% of imported goods are under-declared. Nigerian Customs Authorities promise that CTN documentation will end under-declared goods coming into Nigeria.

The sippers and exporters will have to declare the value of cargo on the Commercial Invoice as well as the Statical value of goods shown on the Export Entry Bill.

With the help of the Pre-Arrival Assessment Regime (PAAR) Customs authorities of Nigeria can evaluate the value of declared goods and impose appropriate tariffs.

How to Apply for Nigeria CTN?

Nigeria CTN Requirements; The procedure is straightforward. There is a list of documents you need to provide us via email.

We will appraise them and advise you if any discrepancies among the documents.

Once you revise it acceptably, we will generate the CTN certificate for your shipment.

The application will be approved by the Nigerian Customs Authorities giving you the green light to advance with your export shipment.

Key Phrases That Also Represent Cargo Tracking Note:

  • Advance Cargo Declaration (ACD)
  • Pre-Arrival Assessment Regime (PAAR)
  • Electronic Export Declaration
  • Advanced Shipment Information (ASHI)
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN)

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