How Long has it been since Ghana put the Cargo Tracking Note into practice?

Notice: This post is about CTN for Ghana information and details.

Ghana is one of the most popular countries of West African countries and also shipping without a doubt. GRA (meaning Ghana Revenue Authority) announced on October 15, 2018, the new process of customs clearance. This announcement about the Cargo Tracking Note documents for customs declaration. It has been 1 year totally it was published.

If you don’t know what the CTN is, you should definitely check and read our information page: What is CTN Certificate?

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We like to share a photo from Ghana, Port of Tema

Port Of Tema Ghana

Port Of Tema Ghana

Why CTN Waiver is Mandatory for Ghana?

Because of the Customs clearance (also passing as Customs Declaration) for the country of Ghana, CTN certificate is required, making the process easier. Here we have shared the Ghana Cargo Tracking Note as a sample with you.

Ghana Ctn Sample

Ghana Ctn Sample

Note: It is an example, sample certificate. You can’t use or deliver to your shipping.

Required Documents For Ghana Cargo Tracking Note

  • Bill of Lading – an Original BL copy is mandatory.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice – not necessary if mentioned in Commercial Invoice
  • Export Customs Declaration – Details have to be matched with all documents if it is not Cross trade.
  • Packing List – Reference of the doc, the date, the number of containers, the container numbers and the container type have to be mentioned.

When You Need the CTN Certificate For Your Shipment?

You need a CTN certificate for your shipment if your cargo goes to Ghana as a final destination. It doesn’t matter if your ship went to nearby countries for transit, you should get CTN for the final destination and if your latest destination is Ghana, you must obtain the Cargo Tracking Note. Wonder how? It is so easy to communicate with us! Just need to click on the purple chat button on the left bottom corner for the fastest reply. If you need mail communication you can mail us via [email protected] Need a sample? Just ask for us, we can deliver it couple of minutes.

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