What is ENS / BSC Certificate?

Sierra Leone first implemented the regulation that made the ENS or BSC an obligation in 2000. ENS or BSC is a mandatory loading certificate for all shipments to Sierra Leone. Many West African countries require this certificate for all shipments coming to their ports. Click here to see detailed information about Sierra Leone ENS / BSC.

How can you obtain a BSC?

With GetCTN, obtaining a BSC is one email away from you. All you need to do is to provide the necessary documents to us via email. Fill a form by clicking the button below to get a list of the necessary documents with a free quotation.

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1. It is the same certificate with CTN, ECTN or CNCA:

You might be surprised when you see how many different names this certificate has. But don’t worry, they are all the same certificates. For example, BSC is the French translation of CTN or Cargo Tracking Note. It is the abbreviation of Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons. ECTN stands for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note etc.

2. There are severe consequences for shipments who arrive without an ENS.

If your cargo isn’t accompanied by an ENS certificate, you will be charged. The penalty fee is; twice the cost of the certificate plus the regulation charges. On top of all that, your cargo might not be cleared and can get stuck in the port. These charges would affect your shipment very badly. So, we advise you to apply for the ENS certificate as soon as possible.

3. All information on the documents must be correct.

If the documents necessary for the CTN certificate have false information on them, your certificate can’t get validated. This means the certificate would be delayed. The delay might lead to additional charges because the BSC certificate must be validated five days before the vessel arrives at the latest. And you might even get charged a specific amount for having false information on the documents. This is why we provide a draft before beginning the validation process. You will have the chance to examine your certificate before it gets validated. If the shipment arrives with false information on the CTN, the cargo would be considered as if it isn’t accompanied by a CTN and the same penalties will be used.

4. It’s the exporter’s responsibility.

You may have been exporting to Sierra Leone for some time now, and never had to obtain a BSC certificate before. This is probably because someone else applied it on behalf of you. It can be the freight forwarder, the shipping line or the importer might get it for you with a penalty. Or, it can be because some cargoes don’t have to obtain a BSC. These are pretty rare but in some cases, like if the cargo contains personal goods or if it’s a charity shipment, a BSC isn’t necessary.

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