I am an exporter and thinking about what are the requirements for exporting to Angola. Here are the 5 main documents that you need to obtain in order to export to Angola.

5 Documents that you need in order to export to Angola

Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading (BL short form) is a legal document between the shipper of freight and the carrier. BL contains details such as type, quantity, destination, terms and the timeline of the shipment being carried. A Bill of Lading also serves as a receipt of goods on board, evidence of contact of carriage and document of title to the goods.

However, you must note that a Bill of Lading is NOT:

  1. A Contract between the Seller and the Buyer;
  2. A Contract of Carriage between the Carrier and Shipper.

Although the layout of the document may slightly change, the content is generally accepted throughout the world of trade. Below is the copy of a BL for sample use

A sample of a Bill of Lading


A commercial invoice is a bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer. It describes the sold goods, and the amount that the customer must pay. This document should contain transaction information, exporter and importer information, and shipping information like the HS codes for each goods, incoterms, description of the goods etc.

A sample of Commercial Invoice

Freight Invoice

A freight invoice is a bill for the consignee of freight by a carrier that contains description of the freight, the name of the shipper, the point of origin of the shipment, its weight, and the amount of charges.

If your commercial invoice includes the freight charges, you do not need to provide a separate freight invoice for exporting to Angola.

A sample of Freight Invoice

DU / Documento Unico / Import License for Angola

The DU document or Documento Unico is an Import Licence in Angola. A DU document is compulsory for all CNCA applications from 10/02/2015. DU 文档必须在字段 25e 的到期日期方面有效。 This document expiry date is normally 60 days from the date of DU issuance.

但是,如果货物将在目的地根据临时制度进行清关,则Unico文件或进口许可证是豁免的。 Another instance where DU document is not an obligation is when the total FOB value is below 5000 USD.

在临时装运的情况下,出口商必须提交一封信,确认货物正在临时探险中。 在这种类型的考察中,将在经过验证的CNCA证书上输入特殊格式的DU编号。

A sample of DU

CNCA Certificate

CNCA证书(Conselho Nacional de Carregadores)是一种装载证书(LC)自1994年1月28日以来所有商业运输到安哥拉的强制性文件(
Each Bill of Lading covering cargo with the final destination to Angola must be accompanied by an Angola CNCA certificate. Angola CNCA certificate allows Angola Customs to control the traffic at the port, track the shipment, and enable consignees to clear their cargo at destination. If you fail to present the CNCA document at the destination, you will face severe consequences and a hefty fine.

If you want get the additional information about how to get a CNCA certificate for your shipment you need to visit below website;

Angola CNCA Certificate