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    • An offical notice about Liberia CTN from CMA CGM

    Liberia Cargo Tracking Note CMA CGM Procedure


    Liberia Cargo Number Document Shipping Line CMA CGM warns about Liberia CTN Document. The National Port Authority (NPA) informs all stakeholders, especially Importers. Exporters and Carriers that the CTN Certificate / Advance Cargo Declaration (CTN/ACD) System started from 1st January, 2019 for All ...

    Liberia Cargo Tracking Note CMA CGM Procedure2022-09-06T04:24:44+03:00

    Shipping Lines Have Warned Against Shipment Without Senegal BESC/CTN


    Major Shipping Lines Have Warned Against Shipment Without Senegal BESC Requirement. Following the order from Senegal Marine Customs Authorities, Shipping Lines have issued a formal warning to shippers planning the cargo without BESC certificate. Shipping line associations announce that liners such as CMA ...

    Shipping Lines Have Warned Against Shipment Without Senegal BESC/CTN2022-09-06T04:21:51+03:00
    • CTN Procedure explained in 4 steps

    What is CTN Document Certificate


    Detailed Information About Cargo Tracking Note Cargo Tracking Note or the Advanced Shipment Information (CTN/ASHI) is required by over 20 countries in West and Central Africa. Countries that have adopted the system in the near past are Liberia and Ghana. Although the ...

    What is CTN Document Certificate2022-09-05T19:06:32+03:00

    South Sudan ECTN Regulation


    Regulations of Cargo Tracking Note As mandated by the Ministry of Trade and Commerce of the Republic of South Sudan, all shipments imported to or exported from the Republic of South Sudan must have a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN). Thus, the South ...

    South Sudan ECTN Regulation2022-09-05T18:55:30+03:00
    • Frequently Asked Questions about the Waiver Certificate

    What is Waiver Certificate?


    If you look up the meaning of a waiver online or from any dictionary, you will realize that This sounds intimidating for a business person especially if this businessperson came across with the term “waiver” for their shipments to Africa as ...

    What is Waiver Certificate?2022-09-05T18:48:25+03:00

    5 Easy Steps to Get Senegal BESC Certificate


    Hello! We are Get CTN. We provide Cargo Tracking Notes all around the World! In this post we will tell you how you can be ready to get Senegal BESC Certificate with maximum 5 working days! If you prepare your required documents before the ...

    5 Easy Steps to Get Senegal BESC Certificate2022-09-05T18:44:33+03:00

    Angola CNCA Certificate Providing Process


    Conselho Nacional de Carregadores is a customs clearance document that is obligatory in Angola. CNCA is the certificate of absolutely vital importance for this country’s shipments operations. Easy way to understand this obligation is to look at it as a visa for your cargoes ...

    Angola CNCA Certificate Providing Process2022-09-05T18:41:41+03:00
    • Port of Tema in Ghana with a container ship and heavy machinery

    Ghana | Cargo Tracking Note: All You Need to Know


    How Long has it been since Ghana put the Cargo Tracking Note into practice? Notice: This post is about Cargo Tracking Note for Ghana information and details. Ghana is one of the most popular countries of West African countries and ...

    Ghana | Cargo Tracking Note: All You Need to Know2022-09-05T18:34:25+03:00
    • Sample of the CTN document for Nigeria

    Nigeria CTN Requirements


    The CTN Document is being set up in Nigeria The long wait is over. As per the latest news coming out of Nigeria government agency. The Federal Government has just advocated setting up the loading certification system called Cargo Tracking ...

    Nigeria CTN Requirements2022-09-05T18:28:08+03:00

    Chad ECTN Procedure


    Chad Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) Regulation As per the Decree issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Chad, dated 18th January 2013; Demand that an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) must be obtained for all shipments ...

    Chad ECTN Procedure2022-09-05T18:25:49+03:00