Liberia Cargo Number Document

Shipping Line CMA CGM warns about Liberia CTN Document.

  • The National Port Authority (NPA) informs all stakeholders, especially Importers.
  • Exporters and Carriers that the CTN Certificate/ Advance Cargo Declaration (CTN/ACD)
  • System started from 1st January, 2019 for All Shipments to Any Destination port, including transit through Liberia.

Shippers/Exporters/Forwarders at the various Ports of Loading, around the World are therefore required to obtain a validated Liberia CTN Certificate using the online platform and submit the required shipping documents.

Each Bill of Lading must be covered by a valid unique CTN Number. Which will also be inserted on the Cargo Manifest.

Shipments not covered by a valid CTN number certificate will not be loaded from pol and fines may be applied.

Above mentioned fines and any further consequence and expenses due to change of vessel, extra handling or amended routing will be for account, and responsibility, of the Shipper.

Yours faithfully.

This content is Liberia CTN Document notice by CMA, CGM.

If you need any information and requirements about, You can also check : Liberia CTN Document Page

For all other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Please try to provide us with the necessary documentation in full.

This avoids wasting time to complete missing paperwork with you later.  It is an important step that allows you to get our service as soon as possible.  Thanks for your attention.

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