In order to get the ECTN certificate, shipment details such as the port of loading, the port of discharge and the number of containers are required. You can send the necessary documents via email to [email protected] Our Team will get back to you with draft and Invoice. As soon as you confirm the draft and the payment is clear you will get your Electronic Cargo Tracking Note validated and e-mailed to you. You can forward this certificate to relevant parties, and it is accepted by all parties.

Yes, amazingly this is the whole process of getting ECTN, BSC, BESC, BIETC, FERI certificate! So, do you still think that you need a local ECTN issuing agent in your country? Not at all. Our 24/7 operations team from Dubai and New York will assist you with your CTN request no matter where you are. Our aim is to cut the middle agents and provide prominent service at no extra cost for Exporters around the world.

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