The DU document or Documento Unico is an Import Licence in Angola. A DU document is compulsory for all CNCA applications from 10/02/2015. A DU document has to be valid in terms of the Expiry date on field 25e. This document expiry date is normally 60 days from the date of DU issuance.

However, the Documento Unico or the Import Licence is exempt if a shipment will be cleared, at the destination, under Temporary Regime. Another instance where DU document is not an obligation is when the total FOB value is below 5000 USD.

In case of Temporary shipment, the exporter is required to submit a letter confirming the cargo is on the temporary expedition. In this type of expedition, a special format of DU number will be entered on the validated CNCA certificate.

Sample DU Document

A sample of the DU document with an arrow pointing and saying 'This date must be a valid date.'

Expiry date must be a valid date.

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