Required Documents of Libya ECTN

  1. The bill of lading (must include HS code, draft BL accepted)
  2.  The customs export declaration (customs declaration) except for the countries that do not issue an export declaration where the packing list is acceptable – ie. The United States of America
  3.  A commercial invoice certified by the Chamber of Commerce by the exporter and excluded from Those countries that do not perform this procedure provided that a list is prepared with the names of those countries for identification.
  4. Freight invoice (if the freight value is not on commercial invoice)
  5.  Certificate of origin certified by the Chamber of Commerce by the exporter.
  6.  Weight certificate for goods priced on the basis of weight VGM casting goods, iron. (bulk shipment only)
  7.  Vehicle data in terms of date of manufacture, chassis No, Weight. (RORO only)
  8. The statistical number for Libyan companies: How does this document looks like?

Answer 8;

The statistical card is a required document that has to provided by the importer in Libya to issue your CTN certificate. The importer needs to have their statistical card from the Chamber of Commerce in Libya (Also, the statistical card is known as VAT certificate or Tax registration card). You can find the sample of it through the attached document

– For the personal effect shipments, we need you to provide the importer ID card only to issue your CTN

You can see the Sample PDF file of the question below the content. Also, you may check the guidance of the documentation of this file via: