In order to monitor all Côte d’Ivoire volumes, the Office Ivoirien des Chargeurs, in 2003, (OIC – the Ivorian Shippers Council) has introduced a Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison (BSC) – a cargo tracking note. The order urged Shippers to apply for BSC with an exceptional decision of creating CTN/BSC at the destination port. However, allowing the recommendations of the National Workshop, in 2013, all shippers were informed that the exceptional decision of creating Cargo Tracking Note at the destination in the Ivorian seaports was repealed. Customs clearance is made not possible without the BSC at arrival and cargo can consequently be returned.


  • Failing to submit the BSC certificate, cargo cannot be cleared and will be sent back to the origin.
  • All containers, vehicles, bulk commodities must get BSC.
  • Customs Declaration amendments are subject to a fine of 2500 USD per Bill of lading. This amount will be debited to the agency that requests the correction.
A notice about the BSC document from the Ivory Coast
A notice about the BSC document from the Ivory Coast
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