The Gabonese Shipping Council’s (CGC) instructions are as follows:
All cargo towards Gabon (in transit included) is subject to a BIETC (ECTN) declaration (compulsory), ● The BIETC declaration must be requested by the Charger BEFORE loading of cargo: This means even before there is a draft bill of lading.
● The BIETC reference number must be mentioned on the Bill of Lading,
● The BIETC declaration must be validated within 5 days after sailing from Departure,
● If the BIETC declaration was not filed by the charger before loading, the Gabonese customer will have to file the request at his side but against a penalty of
50% of the value of the Freight manifest, in order to recover his cargo,
● If the Transporter loads a cargo towards Gabon without a draft BIETC reference number or validated visa received from the Charger, he will be penalized for not complying to the Gabonese law (penalty of 100% of the Freight manifest value).

Before or after vessel departure, the period agreed to get this provisional BIC signed and stamped varies following regions:

AFRICA: 5 Days after vessel departure
AMERICA: 15 Days after vessel departure
ASIA: 10 Days after vessel departure
EUROPE: 5 Days after vessel departure

Please click the link to read Live Case Study from Shipper who received €40000 penalty

Q: Can you issue us certificate with date of issuance within 5 days of vessel sailing?

A: Yes we must issue the certificate even though it has been more than 5 days. Keep in mind that importer will pay penalty at the port of destination. If we don’t issue the certificate it will be penalties and 3-5 days of delay. So it is better to have CTN document.

An offical statement about Gabon BIETC from the Gabon Officials
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