Hello, I am Jagan, Director of Operations at Shipwaves Logistics company in India. On September 2017 we shipped 2x40HC containers to Libreville, Gabon for the first time. Our shipment arrived to the destination only to be asked for the Loading certificate called BIETC. I know a lot about this certificate now, but didn’t know anything back then.

We have received a message from Customs Union, that if didn’t provide this document we would receive penalty up to Euro 40000, that is exactly same as the value of goods being sold. We have searched for a way around this and came across GetCTN.com to get this document. Kyle, the manager, was kind to explain the process of obtaining the Gabon BIETC certificate. However, as per Gabon Custom regulations, I was unable to get this document at this point as it was too late to apply. Kyle advised me to bring the cargo back to the loading port, get the BIETC certificate and then reload the containers. I did exactly that and saved almost Euro 30000 for the company.

The motive behind this Case Review post is that I know there are numerous other shippers who do not know about Gabon BIETC certificate. I want those people to note and avoid the situation our company has experienced. Make sure that you apply for the BIETC certificate as soon as possible. Otherwise you will receive penalty up to 100% of value of goods.

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