You may also be asking whether ECTN or BSC certificate for your shipment

[09:22] getctn visitor: we need to know which is the waiver needed for a shipment of 17×20′ container to TOGO as final destination, is it ECTN or just BSC?[09:23] representative: those two are same certificates one is in English (ECTN) another is in French (BSC)[09:24] representative: particularly for Togo the certificate is called ECTN[09:24] representative: do you want me to explain you the procedures?[09:27] getctn visitor: BESC is still the same certificate?[09:27] representative: Yes, BESC is also another name for the same certificate [09:32] V1520500499847206: ok, thank you. we’ll return to you for procedure and cost once the shipment will be ready[09:36] representative: sure[09:42] representative: thank you

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