Q: What is Import declaration for Cameroon?

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A sample document can be found below. It may be acquired even before the container sails from the port of loading.

cameroon import declaration

Cameroon Import Declaration

Q: Why I can not see DI number on draft BESC?

Even though we mention DI number in the BESC system it does not appear in the DRAFT document. So it is normal and will not cause any damage or penalties in the destination port. It is a bug of the Cameroon BESC system.

Di number does not appear in Cameroon BESC

Q: What is PR number for Cameroon?

In French (Guichet Unique) is a port structure which received the agreement by one decree of the presidency to dematerialize all procedure. Therefore he put in place a single window and for all importations, the importer may create an account, receive a PR number who identified his transaction until the clearing goods. In order to establish BESC for Cameroon, PR number is compulsory. Because while creating the certificate we must link his file to ECTN to avoid any problem at Douala.

Q: Is it true that the PR (transaction ID) number and No Contribuable are only needed for import licenses opened after 15/12/2016, how can we know if it is new NIF numbers?

Yes, the import licenses opened after 15/12/2016 would have a PR number. You can see the date in the SGS declaration.

Q: What is the standard PR number for used vehicles?

At the moment we don’t require the standard PR number for used vehicles from the GUCE (Guichet Unique / single window ), so for that ECTN just create without PR number we will manage it later.

Q: Where have to clients to request the NIF and PR number

The Shippers may ask for the PR number to the importer in Cameroon. If the importer doesn’t have it, he can contact Email: [email protected], or call Tél : 00237 233437754 / 00237 2 33410254 /00237 2 33410312

Q: Importer has already issued the import declaration. However, the system automatically rejects the transaction ID. Why?

The importer should make sure he has submitted the Transaction Id in GUCE (Guichet Unique / Single Window). Because even if the import declaration is issued, the Transaction Id will not be accepted until the importer submit it in the platform for the ECTN system to recognize it.

What is Carte Contribuable for Cameroon?

The Taxpayer ID (Carte Contribuable) is a document that is available to all business owners in Cameroon who pay their taxes (employees or traders). It is valid for two years and is free when you file the following set of documents: photocopy of the national identity card, plan, certificate of location, and payslip. The importer has to share this document to get CTN for Cameroon.

Carte Contribuable

Carte Contribuable for Cameroon


BESC Cameroon sample for PR