To the attention of all shippers, freight forwarders, economic actors: It has been brought to our attention that authorities are discontent with Benin BESC validations in Port Autonome de Cotonou, with extra charges of 50.000 FCFA. This attitude is against the rules and regulations. Please be reminded that all ECTN must be issued and validated at the port of loading.

INSTRUCTIONS for Benin BESC certificate are as follows: ● The BESC waiver certificate must be requested by the Charger BEFORE loading of cargo. ● All BESC must be validated NO LATER THAN 5 DAYS AFTER voyage departed. ● Failing to submit the BSC certificate, cargo cannot get custom clearance and returned  back to the origin ● If the Transporter loads a cargo towards Benin without a draft BIETC reference number, he will receive a penalty of 100% of the Freight manifest value for not complying to the Benin law Click the link for more information and to Apply for Benin BESC

An announcement from Benin officials about the BESC regulations
PAC Declaration by the Benin Officials
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